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This is the official Dumpling Head Theme Tumblr. It is the theme from DumplingHeadcanon, made available to you. Visit that Tumblr to see this theme in action!
Feel free to modify the theme as you wish, but please never take undue credit, or remove existing credits.

If you install this Theme + have any technical issues, please send a detailed Ask.

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Test Custom Page


lukasagitta said: Hi there! I don't know if you still check this, but I love your theme! Is there any way for the background image to stay in the same place and not disappear as you scroll down the page?

Sure! You can make the background image ‘fixed’ (will not scroll) by a simple addition to the code. Install/copy & paste the theme and ctrl+F to find this part:

background: url(http://static.tumblr.com/2vjw6mc/dymlzztfl/layout_1e.png) no-repeat top center;

Add in “background-attachment:fixed;" afterwards, so it will now look like this;

background: url(http://static.tumblr.com/2vjw6mc/dymlzztfl/layout_1e.png) no-repeat top center; background-attachment:fixed;

Hit ‘update preview’ and try scrolling. If the pigtails stay in place, it’s worked!

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Install The Theme


  1. Download this text file.
  2. Click on “Customize appearance” on your Tumblr’s options panel.
  3. Click “Edit HTML”. Delete everything there. (Make a backup of anything unique you want to keep.)
  4. Copy and paste everything from the text file into the now-empty HTML field.
  5. Hit “Update Preview”. Things will look strange. Most notably, if the theme you were using before had custom colours as well, things won’t work right. Ignore that for now and hit “Save”, wait for it to finish, then refresh.
  6. The custom colour script should have loaded properly now and you can customise it. If things still look strange, please send an Ask detailing what the problem is. (Some things won’t show up properly in preview - certain links, navigation arrows, etc.)
  7. Everything look good? Then you’re done! Let me know if you decide to use this theme!

A minor note:

The layout for this page is slightly different from the layout you install. For this mock Tumblr, the navigation arrows/tiaras are visible at all times. This is necessary as this Tumblr has no other pages. When you install the real layout, the arrows/tiaras will only be visible if you have newer/older pages to navigate to. Please visit DumplingHeadcanon to see this in effect.

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Source: http://dumplingheadcanon.tumblr.com/post/18310800966/the-dumpling-head-theme-now-supports-custom

This theme supports custom colours, which means you can easily change the colours of many components without having to alter the coding.

The areas which can be colour-customised are:

  • Background
  • Stage (Content Box)
  • Text
  • Links
  • Links (Hover Over)
  • Links (Visited)

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Kaijin-tachi no CIRCUS Dan (Cue 3)
Sailor Moon SuperS Music Collection
Played 781 times

This is an example Audio Post. (It is also reblogged.)

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This is an example Photoset Post.

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This is an example Photo Post. It also shows an example of a sourced post.
Source: http://missdream.org/

This is an example Photo Post. It also shows an example of a sourced post.

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This is an example Text Post.

[Texts used are Naoko’s notes for the first Sailor Moon artbook, sourced from mangastyle.net.]

The sky and the sea I can see in a sweeping glance from this workroom, and I can watch the beautiful moments of dawn and twilight, dyed with watery pinks, lavenders, and blue-grays. I always think I’d like to try to draw a picture this pretty.

July 20, 1969 was the day man first set foot on the moon. When I look at images of that time–even though the original film is getting old and losing quality, and its colors are washing together–the moon’s surface sometimes appears lavender and blue-gray like those Earth dawns and twilights. I really like these kinds of color tones.

[Quote example:]

I drew the cover of the Picture Collection with those colors I love. My pictures aren’t elaborate things, and they’re all somewhat alike, and I paint the colors momentarily, so I do have regrets, but… But my works are drawn filled with colors I felt were the most pretty in that instant and my thoughts at that time.

I thank from my heart my editor Irie for listening to my whims, Kana-P on staff for helping with the masking, and my manager Yurika, Saitou-kun, everyone, and Mom and Dad. And the loving Osabu, I dedicate this book to you. Thank you very much for putting your valuable time into making such a wonderful book.

  • And all my fans who always cheer me on, it’s with your help that I was able to do this book.
  • Sailor Moon is a special work for me, so this picture collection is a special book for me.
  • I hope this book is a special book for you as well.
  • If it is, I’ll be very happy.
  • I give you Sailor Moon Picture Collection I.

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Images In Text Posts

This theme supports externally-hosted images in text posts, to a degree.

Here is an example of an externally hosted image that is wider than the layout. Right-click it and view it in a new tab/window to see its actual size.

This provides unity within the layout. Some filetypes get squashed to fit within the layout, so your externally hosted images may not look ideal. I recommend, where possible, using Tumblr’s “Upload photo” function instead.

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Dumpling Head Theme by SailorFailures, originally made for DumplingHeadcanon.
Sailor Moon © Naoko Takeuchi, TOEI, Nakayoshi (1992) Kodansha (2011)